The Farm & Our Animals


our mantra – reduce, re-use and recycle!!

As far as practical, Cradle Country Farm practices sustainability in every way.  We raise our animals with love, care and kindness.  We grow our animals, ornamental and edible gardens, pastures, orchard and Truffiere without using unnecessary intervention or chemicals.  We actively encourage frogs, an amazing array of birds and all other wild-life to be part of the web of life on Cradle Country Farm.  We practice a ‘closed loop’ farming system - recycle and re-use our produce and as a consequence have very little waste, have an abundance of wild-life including many of the rare and endangered species of birds and other flora and fauna.

about our farm animals

Our Jersey cattle, Roberta, Bobby and Buttercup; our rare breed of Pilgrim Geese and our gorgeous Belgian D’uccle chooks all graze happily on our lush pastures, leaving a wonderful trail of fertiliser behind them. The pastures, beetles, worms and other wonderful micro fauna feed on much of this nutritional organic matter while a small amount is collected for composting. This nutrient rich compost is then used to feed our kitchen garden, fruit orchard and ornamental gardens. A portion of fruit and crops are then offered back to our animals with thanks for their wonderful contribution and to allow the cycle to start all over again.

Our newest addition is Cody, a Smithfield x Border Collie puppy who joined our family in June 2019. He’s entertaining us with his youthful antics and is just a bundle of love and affection! More importantly he’s very clever, and we hope to train him up to be our truffle hunting dog in future seasons!

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