Farm Seasons



  • Spring flowers and festivals
  • Daylight saving – the start of the long, sunny evenings on 5th October
  • Goslings hatch and are a wonderful sight paddling away after their mums on the dam
  • Chickens go broody and exactly 21 days later baby chicks pip out of their shells
  • The vege patch is in fully swing with plantings and harvesting the last of the over-winter veg
  • The pear, apple, cherry, plum, nectarine and peach blossoms cover the fruit orchard and the grass in the pasture turns deep emerald green
  • The raspberry canes start to shoot
  • The daffodils, jonquils, Daphne, bluebells, and an amazing array of spring bulbs will delight you
  • The trees are budding and the birds are busy nesting and it is a time of great hope for a wonderful harvest and year ahead on Cradle Country Farm


  • Wander through the walled orchard and feast on the plentiful organic fruits and berries
  • Enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the hay baling run
  • Relax on your veranda with a cool drink, soaking in the long, warm summer evenings
  • Be amazed and mesmerised by the delights of the stars in the dark night sky
  • Celebrate the longest day of the year, the summer solstice on 21st December. Get together with your hosts and other guests to enjoy some simple country fare and a glass of Tasmanian Bubbly or a cool home-made lemonade
  • The peaches, plums and nectarines will be ripe for the picking – help yourself to a couple off the tree


  • Join your hosts in a glass of local Tasmanian bubbly to Celebrate the equinox on 20th March
  • Watch the leaves turn magnificent shades of yellow, orange and red
  • Enjoy the long evenings through to the 5th April when the clocks are set back
  • The apples and pears are ready for picking – help yourself to an apple or pear straight from the tree


  • Join your hosts and our team of truffle harvesters and their truffle hunting dogs on a hunt for the elusive and very expensive French Black Truffle
  • Taste the delights of a fresh truffle dish prepared especially for you by your hosts
  • Enjoy the purple and mauve blooms of the Dutch iris, the variety and pinks of the camellias and the many beautiful flowers in the garden – snow drops, rhododendrons, forget-me-nots to name a few
  • The clear crisp winter sky highlights the snow-capped mountain ranges to the west, the magnificent Mount Roland and the Badgers Ranges to the east
  • On a clear night you will be mesmerised by the light show of the stars, milky way and the night star
  • Cosy up by the electric log fire in your cottage or snuggle up on the comfy lounge with a good book and a cuppa
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